Tuesday, September 11, 2007



This morning we were awakened by whistles from the beach. A fellow cruiser had gone ashore early to walk his dogs and while doing so the tide had come up just enough for his dinghy to drift off. Unfortunately swimming after it in the cold water is out of the question. So we rowed ashore, picked him up, and took him back to his boat. When we spotted the dinghy in the distance we chased it down and then retrieved his dogs and his crew who were still on shore. Everyone was very relieved.

Today we moved on East to Cross Island which is owned by the Hurricane Outward Bound School and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. No one lives on the island and there are trails all around it for exploring.

In contrast, it is directly across Cross Island Narrows from Cutler Peninsula (a naval base consisting of about 26 huge radio towers used by the navy to communicate with their submerged submarines all around the world). We could not feel the vibration however we felt that perhaps it would be unhealthy to spend too much time here.

We went ashore and scoped things out and found there were mussels to be had. When we returned to the boat we feasted on some of the largest mussels we have found so far this trip.

12 NM

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