Saturday, September 15, 2007


SEPTEMBER 14, 2007

As it was beginning to get light this morning we realized one of the reasons why cruisers like to use Trafton Island as a stopover. After sleeping on water as still as a mill pond most of the night you are suddenly awakened by the endless rocking of boat wakes. Apparently, all the lobster men of Narraguagus Bay head out to sea at day break causing the equivalent of a lobster boat rush hour. It is not long before you decide to get an early start to the day also.

Today we crossed Petit Manan Bar and turned and sailed up Gouldboro Bay and partially into West Bay before anchoring. The fog bank in the Gulf Of Maine followed us up the bays.

We wanted to see what this often ignored part of the coast was like. Houses lined the coast (just as further West) however, these were of a more moderate size. We rarely saw any recreational vessels. There were lobster pots everywhere. I think each lobster in the bay must have had at least two or three pots to choose from. West Bay gave us reasonable shelter since we were expecting some weather to move in overnight.

16.4 NM

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stanaxe said...

Hi Guys absolutely love your photos reading the text with envy really wishing I could be doing it . Thanks for the share