Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Cute little tugs seem to very popular around here. They are probably owned by retired sailors.

We motored across the Sheepscot River and through Five Islands Harbor in order to get an idea what to expect when we returned tomorrow. It turned out to be a rather small pretty fishing harbor packed with moorings and the typical lobstermen's wharf.

We then motored through Robinhood Cove and the Robinhood Marine anchorage in order to get some ideas for our boat. Robinhood Marine now makes Cape Dory 36s on reguest but of course they are now called Robinhood 36s. By chance we entered the harbor at the same time as another Robinhood 36 ("Solmar") which we had encountered earlier in our trip, at Tenants Harbor. Although we only briefly met the owners at Tenants Harbor it is always good to see a familiar face on the water.

We then proceeded up the Sheepscot River to a "huricane hole" called "Ovens Mouth". You have to thread your way through a very narrow rock passage in order to get there. We were particularly interested in this place because it bordered on some land held in trust for preservation. It might provide an opportunity to get off the boat and do some walks on trails. Aside from that we found it too large to really be a hurricane hole and too small to allow nice fresh air circulation (it must be very hot in the summer). The marshes around the bay were home to many mosquitoes.

13.1 NM

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