Sunday, October 12, 2008



After feasting on a rack of lamb it was time to head back to the boat.

All was calm and secure at the Onset anchorage. An eighty year old schooner had anchored nearby. On board was an veteran salt, Joe Johnstone and his dog. He had hoped to make it to the schooner races on the Chesapeake in a week or two but was beginning to doubt that he would make it in time. But he wasn't stressing about it and he and his dog seemed very happy. Boy, if we didn't have our boat to worry about we would have helped him get to the Chesapeake on time. What a pleasure it would have been to sail on such a beautiful boat.

Philip's sister, Virginia visited our boat to get an idea what it was like.

Since it was late in the day we stayed put and attended a Prairie Home Companion services and listened to Celtic music on another public radio station.

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