Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OCTOBER 18TH, 2008

We woke to the wind whistling through the rigging at 15 - 25 knots. We were securely anchored with our Rocna anchor behind the sand dunes at the entrance of Onancock Creek, however, they did little to stop the wind. The wind was predicted to increase to 20 - 30 knots and remain that way for at least two days. We decided that we would prefer a little more shelter so we decided to cross the Bay to the Rappahannock River area. That would be a reach and board reach which would be manageable with a reduced sail area. With a double reefed main (should have triple reefed) and staysail we crossed the Bay averaging 7 - 8+ knots. Boy, what a ride. As the wind increased to 30+ knots the seas became high and steep. This turned out to be one of the rare times that Sharon was not a happy camper. The water smoothed out as we entered the Rappahannock River but the wind was still blowing 15 - 30 knots so it made for a nice beat up river to the shelter of Carter Creek.

We anchored in the Eastern Branch of Carter Creek. There was barely a ripple on the water and there was just a mild breeze. The creek was a little more populated than what we usually like but the peace and quite was pleasant. Included are some photos of what a typical lower Chesapeake Bay creek looks like.

35.9 NM

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