Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OCTOBER 20TH, 2008

The night was cold so we slept late in our cozy cabin. We woke to an eerie sight. The surface of the warmer water was steaming in the cold morning. It reminded us that Halloween is on the way.

Another building out of the past. Perhaps somebody's cabin on the water when there was not the abundance of modern luxury waterfront homes.

The Canadian Geese were soaking up the sun on the beach before beginning their activities of the day.

We had originally decided to sail down to the next river south on the Bay (the Piankatank River), however, once we got out in the open we realized there was insufficient wind so we just sailed around the Rappahannock River until the wind totally died and then returned to the Eastern Branch of the Corrotoman River. The seagull that we had fed the evening before soon reappeared thinking that there were going to be daily handouts.

The creek was flat calm as the sun set.

16.2 NM

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