Monday, October 13, 2008


OCTOBER 10TH, 2008

After watching a beautiful sunrise we bathed in the fresh water of the upper Chesapeake Bay. This was refreshing although not as cold as the waters of the north where we spent the summer.

We sailed off the anchor and set off down the Bay in light air. We stayed outside the shipping channels as they are very busy with ships and barges going through the C&D Canal. It was very pleasant to be able to glide along thorough the smooth water in light air with no particular destination. We were now free to go where the wind blows, now that we were back on our home waters with time to spare.

As evening approached we found ourselves opposite Still Pond so that is where we dropped the hook. We anchored in a spot where we would have good views of the sunset and the commercial vessels passing the the shipping channel.

13.4 NM

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