Sunday, October 12, 2008



We closed up the boat after making sure she was secure at her anchor in the middle of Onset Harbor. We took the dinghy to shore and Philip's sister, Virginia picked us up and took us to her farm (Stonehaven) in Westport, Mass..

At Stonehaven Virginia raises Dorset sheep. The wool is made into fine blankets and each year the flock is thinned and the spring lambs butchered. The hides are tanned. Nothing goes to waste.

Virginia has an extensive vegetable and spice garden and also raises several different varieties of chickens and ducks which eat her out of house and home until she eats them. All Stonehaven products, including eggs, are available to the public if you contact Virginia.

We visited one of many farm stands. Fresh home grown produce, including freshly picked apples were to be had. What a difference from the store bought products.

We finished the day by celebrating our visit to the farm by eating a roasted leg of home grown lamb. It can't get any better than this.

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