Wednesday, October 1, 2008



We started the day by picking up Dave & Sandy at Five Islands.

Since it was a calm morning we motored out of the Sheepscot River towards Seguin Island. We passed several off-shore fishing vessels along the way.

Originally we had hoped to moor the boat, land, and walk up to Seguin Island lighthouse, however, this late in the season all the mooring balls had been removed. So we just motored through the harbor to get a close up view.

Finally a little wind came up so we sailed towards Damariscove Island.

Damariscove Island has a little slot of a harbor on its east side. The island is now owned by the Nature Conservancy and has maintained some nice trails. Damariscove Island has been settled for over 400 years. Fishermen arrived first and soon the island became the chief maritime port of New England. More recently, German U boats used the harbor during the war in order to be able to surface, charge their batteries, and ventilate during the night. A lifesaving station was also based there.

David & Sandy on the old granite wharf.

Some of the trails offer nice views of the north shore.

The lifesaving station viewed from the highest hill on the island.

This is the Nature Conservancy's idea of the best way to keep people on the trails (poison ivy).

Evidence of people from another time period (E.N. Ward - 1872).

The lifesaving station overlooking the harbor.

After exploring the island we headed back to Ebencook Harbor and cooked up a pot full of big juicy mussels to be enjoyed during the sunset. Finally we motored back across the Sheepscot River under a stary sky in order to drop off Dave & Sandy. A good time was had by all. We then returned to Ebencook Harbor for the night.

31.1 NM

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